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Garage Doors are very important piece to your home.  Proper installation and repairs are very important to keep your door running properly, looking good, and it saves you money.  Sometimes the quick easy fix is not the best idea, it sounds good at first but in the long run it hurts worse.

Bad InstallHaving a company that just puts garage doors in and doesn't come prepared gets you a very unprofessional job.  This garage door is a classic install by a company that just slaps garage doors in.  Don't let this happen to you!

When it is time for you to replace or upgrade your garage door someone from the garage door company that is going to install your new garage door should come to your home measure the size of the opening and checking the clearances.  You should also make sure that they are fixing your concerns, and make sure that you are buying what you want. 

Don't let some salesman pressure you into something you don't want!

With this Garage door in the picture, the installer that installed this door in did not use the proper track.  This caused the top section not to close all the way.  With the top section not closing when the garage door opener would close the garage door, the top section had unusual pressure against it and caused the section to fail.  The continued usage of the garage door with a damage top section will damaged the entire door.
Good InstallationHaving the garage door properly installed is very important.  If the original install company would have used the proper track, this garage door would not have needed to be replaced.

Spending an extra $100.00 up front would have saved this customer $1000.00.

The proper installation looks so much better too!!

Back Into Garge DoorPeople have very busy lives.  Running late always in a hurry.
It takes about 8 to 10 seconds for a garage door to open.  You should always watch your garage door and make sure that it opens all the way before you start to back out.

Before you drive away from your home you should also watch your garage door close.  Garage doors can get out of adjustment, a sensor maybe blocked or the door may close on something.  This also will help you to make sure that your home is secure.

Double Checking that your garage door is open and/or closed only 20 seconds of your day and this is not going to make you any earlier or later than you already are.

Improper Section RepairFixing your garage door the right way!
Garage doors can have several different problems during their life.  A section failure is very common.  Trying to repair a steel section is an improper repair.  By adding some added reinforcement to the damaged areas does not fix the problem.

By trying to fix damage like this puts added stress on the garage door and causes more problems.

The proper repair would have been to replace the top section of this garage door right away.  By doing so the damage to the top section would not have damaged to other sections.

Because they tried to reinforce this section instead of replace it, this door had to be replaced.  The damage from the top section continued down the door until all of the sections were damaged and the garage door would not work any more.

The original repair would have been about $200.00, it cost them $1000.00.

It may hurt to fix the problem right away, but it worth it in the end.

Stell Sided Garage DoorSiding your garage door, OK!
Putting your own personal touch on your home is every home owners dream.  Doing your own custom garage door is a great idea.  You just need to do the right way.

If you have a steel garage door in your home, this is not the right kind of door to put your own personal design on.  Steel garage doors are designed for their own weight and not the added weight from wood or other materials.

Steel Sided Garage DoorIf you really want to have your own custom garage door consult a garage door company.  We can help you to get the job done right and safe for your home.

Garage Door Opener Sensors Improper InstallPutting in a garage door opener?  Proper installation of the safety sensors is important.
Putting in your own garage door opener is a very common thing.  Putting in your own garage door opener in properly is not.  By properly installing your garage door opener will save you time and money.

When you are installing a new garage door opener take your time and read the instructions, YES THERE ARE PICTURES.  When your are replacing your old garage door opener it is best to replace everything.

Garage Door Opener Sensors Improper InstallTrying to use LiftMaster sensors on a Genie opener or Genie sensors on a LiftMaster opener  does not work.  You must use the right sensors with the proper garage door opener.

Properly installing the sensors is important as well.  Mounting the sensors up above the motor head is not the right way to install them.
Garage Door Opener Sensors Improper InstallTake the time to install the sensors right.  They should be no more than 6in off the floor.  Yes it does take some time to run the wires for the sensors. 

By installing your garage door opener the right way you should get the full life of your garage door opener.  This will also help you not to damage your garage door or hurt somebody by the garage door hitting someone or the family pet.

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